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Communicating directly and sharing these worries may go a long way towards avoiding this problem getting even bigger and more unmanageable.

Chris Hello Katrina, Would I be going too far to say that you've possibly become a little bit dependent on alcohol?

In a way having such online chatting rooms is a very positive notion for the world itself as it is promoting brotherhood, peace, and love all over by connecting people who would otherwise not even come across each other in a lifetime.

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Girls’ chat rooms are exclusive to be used by the girls only.

This is a online girls chat room that is accessible by people from all parts of the world.

The basic purpose of such a chat group is to promote friendship and build strong bonds between people from different countries and cultures.

I'm talking about really getting below the surface and understanding what problem alcohol might be helping you to solve - this might involve getting some external help froma specialist.

Finally, I'm aware that the two of you are coming at this from very different perspectives indeed so it seems really important to avoid getting into a kind of 'power struggle' over it.

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