Daniele donato and nick dating

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We definitely thought the "Big Brother 8" jury would give the grand prize to Daniele Donato, not her estranged father "Evel" Dick. We wanted Final Two and that's what we accomplished. I told them: "Remember when we went into the bathroom after the first hour of being in the house?What was more interesting than Dick's win, of course, was the look on Jessica Hughbanks' face when it was revealed that Eric Stein had been instructed by America on how to play the game all summer long. Then." We both started working together immediately.She had told me what she liked and didn’t like, but it was still a surprise.” Next came the wedding planning.“We wanted something that was a good reflection of who we are,” says Daniele.The couple have no immediate honeymoon planned, but both have a future trip in mind. “I’ve always wanted to go to an airport and take the next flight to wherever it goes out,” says Briones. Daniele Donato: Honestly, I said this numerous times. The Slug: How would things had gone if Nick had still been in the house? More fun for me because I hated everyone else in the house. There's no way I would want to lose contact with Nick. The entire house had turned against us for trying to get Eric out of the house.I don't think I would be in the Final Two if I didn't have my dad to help me. It would've been nice having a friend in the house. If one thing changed, I might not be sitting in the Final Two. Quite honestly, he's one of the best friends I've ever had. The Slug: So you're saying there's a possibility you'll have a relationship with Nick? The Slug: Dick, what's the number one thing that contributed to your win? Dustin's comment "How's the house gonna be with your daughter gone? If the situation was reversed and I did that, I would've been in the Diary Room, and there would've been major, major problems. All that was brought up was that she ate when she was supposed to be on slop.

“All I care about is that I married my best friend, and we’re going to share our lives together.

I had to make everyone in that house hate me with such a passion. When I had to turn on them is when we became the bad people.

We know how some of those good people's comments have created a backlash in their own life.

Not every Big Brother Alumni is doing outrageous things like Brendon on skype or Michelle Noonan on Playboy reality shows.

Some are living normal post BB lives dating each other and keeping their BB mojo within the BB gene pool.

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