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“This means it may still take several hours before we can relaunch the site.”In previous updates, Kraken mentioned it’s working on “unexpected and delicate issues” and assured clients their funds were secure, adding that “Yes, this is our new record for downtime since we launched in 2013. This makes Russia to be number six in the world by gold storage.

No, we’re not proud of it.”Photos from main gold storage of Central Bank of Russia. A few weeks ago we presented anecdotal evidence from Joseph Borg, director of the Alabama Securities Commission, suggesting that people are taking out home equity loans and cash advances on credit cards just to purchase Bit Coin in the hopes of getting rich quick (see: “It’s In The Mania Phase”: Securities Regulator Warns That “Mortgages Are Being Taken Out To Buy Bitcoin”)“We’ve seen mortgages being taken out to buy bitcoin. People do credit cards, equity lines,” said Borg, president of the North American Securities Administrators Association, a voluntary organization devoted to investor protection.

If China try follows through with this, they have effectively pulled the plug and shut off the credit card of the U. Yields on 10-year Treasuries rose for a fifth day, touching the highest since March.

China holds the world’s largest foreign-exchange reserves, at .1 trillion, and regularly assesses its strategy for investing them. government bonds is becoming less attractive relative to other assets, and trade tensions with the U. may provide a reason to slow or stop buying American debt, the thinking of these officials goes, according to the people, who asked not to be named as they aren’t allowed to discuss the matter publicly.

This means less oil for Europe, which is Russia’s number-one oil client. No, it is called insider trading and in this case really REALY DUMB!

Access to the personal data of more than 1 billion people is for sale for less than through Whats App.According to multiple reports, biometric data was not exposed on Whats App, but names, addresses, emails, photographs, and phone numbers were. And yes, an opportunity for both the US and Canada and one not recognized in enough time to act.Cheers Robert Europe Becomes Victim of Russia’s Newest Oil Strategy Higher shipments of Russian crude oil to China may saddle European importers with a fatter bill, an industry consultancy warned at the end of last year, noting the latest stage of Russia’s Eastern pivot: the launch of the expanded East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline that would lift Urals crude supply to China twofold, to 30 million tons annually.Es finden sich aber auch Senioren, die noch über das gesetzliche Rentenalter hinaus arbeiten, einfach, weil es möglich ist und sie sich Tage ohne Arbeit gar nicht vorstellen wollen oder können.Und dann ist da auch noch der Teil der über 60-Jährigen, die schon zeit ihres Lebens eine eigene Firma führen oder freiberuflich tätig sind.

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