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Some encounters are like having Tommy hit a criminal for a good citizen award in VC.

Dating/Friends has been pared down to optional Friends. Lets's hope someone comes up with another mod to get past it quickly.

A Schedule Planner in Bobcat Security offices in North Yankton indicates the Prologue takes place in 2003--not 2004. 2013 so there's nine years (almost 10) between them.

The same planner is in Lester's garment factory in La Mesa. Mi- chael and Trevor likewise mention "almost 10 years" during one of their argu- ments. It's more detailed than "IV," there's more to see underwater than in SA, lightning bolts appear in a thunderstorm, and it doesn't have the beige/orange tint of "IV"--me like.

VF Oriented for the single player PC version for the mouse and keyboard by Glen T.

Michael XI.2 The Ballad of Rocco Lester Crest missions cont.

Richards Isiah Friedlander "Negativity" Martin Madrazo missions X.4 Caida Libre Devin Weston missions cont.

Trevor or Franklin X.2 Eye in the Sky Solomon Richards missions Michael X.3 Mr.

Director Mode replaces the stilllikedressingup code. Animals in the game now include not just birds but rabbits, deer, cows, coug- ars, wild boars, pigs, rats, dogs, cats, stingrays, humpback whales, butter- flies, and fish.

Your protagonist can be attacked by a dog (if he attacks it or someone near it), cougar, or shark.

You might have your protagonist drive into or shoot one of the first two, but have him keep some distance from a shark to shoot it--Knifing it is difficult and one bite kills.

To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a page up twice and click a link from each. &&&& When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the screen then click "Find," or press "Ctrl F," and a menu appears.

Winstein (glenster1 at IGN, and glenster at Gamefaqs, Super Cheats, Stuck Gamer, neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, Gamers Hell, Gamer Help, Game Rev- olution, and Game Border) glenster (who's at) This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at: Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out, you'll exit the web page.

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