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They walked beneath the redwoods, ran on the beach at sunset, took a picture hanging off the state-park sign with Kloss wearing Swift’s sweater, the front of which spelled out genius. “Five-second rule.”Swift is, by all accounts, an amazing person to be friends with.She cooks, she bakes, she does the dishes; she’s a fantastic host, she gives great gifts.1 (her earlier single was the now-ubiquitous “Shake It Off”).Both are from her remarkable new album, meanwhile, aired a parody commercial for Swiftamine, a drug to treat the epidemic of vertigo in adults who suddenly realize how much they love Taylor Swift.

Kloss, Dunham, and Delevingne, meanwhile, are part of a close-knit group of powerful women friends that Swift has been building over the past few years.

Though Swift and Kloss have known each other for only a year, their best-friendship, they tell me, was instantaneous. ” she asks, lifting up her fluffy fair hair and leaning her back toward me. “My stylist put it in my closet,” she says, burying her face in her hands.

They’re a striking pair, particularly now that Kloss’s formerly tawny hair is blonde. Somehow, though, despite their differing levels of fashion expertise, they often tend to dress the same.

“We were taking these photos, and all of a sudden, like in a horror movie, there were squirrels sitting on our shoulders trying to eat our food,” says Swift, reenacting the moment. They’re like, ‘We deserve French fries, and we’re going to take them from you.’ ”Swift click-clacks through her kitchen to her living room in black stiletto Louboutins, plops down on a burnt-orange velvet sofa, wiggles into a slouch, and props those heels up on a tufted brown-leather ottoman.

Everything in the apartment is rendered in velvet, leather, and wood in dark, rich earth and jewel tones, from her rosewood Steinway grand piano to her pool table (where VS models Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge apparently proved themselves to be quite the sharks when they came over earlier in the week).

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